Argentina: Police arrested a bus driver drugged

The bus was stopped after some witnesses denounced that he was performing strange and reckless maneuvers. The driver had excessive workload in their workbooks and one tested positive for the substance test.

Witnesses who perceived the strange walk of the unit, gave notice to the police and proceeded to stop it. According to the InfoZona portal, in the first instance road police officers gave the drivers the breathalyzer test and the result was negative. However, when checking the workbooks, they observed an excess in the workload, so the CNRT was immediately requested intervention.

Given this situation, the bus, which had left Mar del Plata for the City of Buenos Aires, was kidnapped and the passengers had to complete their trip in another unit. The most striking and serious thing was that when they arrived at the Retiro terminal they subjected both drivers to a substance test and the guiding result was positive in cocaine, confirming that the bus driver was driving drugged while traveling on Route 2.

Following this, a record was drawn up, workbooks and driver’s licenses were hijacked, and they were disabled for 72 hours, which is the time in which the final results of the test will be held. It should be noted that if the test results are positive again, they will be disabled from driving for 90 days.

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