Police shot a thief in the head

The cash was civilian at a bus stop in the town of José C. Paz after serving his service

the scene of the event

A police officer from the province of Buenos Aires who was dressed as a civilian killed a criminal who tried to assault him next to an accomplice in the Buenos Aires party of Jose c. Peace, judicial sources reported.

The incident occurred during the morning at a bus stop located at the corner of Ugarteche and Lucio Mansilla streets, in that game northwest of the GBA.

Judicial spokespersons reported that there was waiting for the transport of a cash from the Buenos Aires Police, which had finished its service and was dressed in civilian clothes.

In that circumstance, two criminals who passed through the place, one of them armed, surprised him and threatened him to hand over his belongings.

Faced with this situation, the policeman identified himself as such and after extracting his regulatory weapon he fired at least one shot, which hit the head of the armed assailant, who fell dead to the ground, while the accomplice fled to the race, judicial sources reported.

After a call to 911, the area was attended by police from the area and a police doctor, who confirmed the death of the offender, whose identity was not provided.

The prosecutor Alfredo Mallo, in charge of the Functional Instructional Unit (UFI) 18 Decentralized of Malvinas Argentinas, belonging to the Judicial Department of San Martín, is involved in the case.

The prosecutor ordered, as a first step, to remove the Buenos Aires Police from the investigation, since an effective force was involved, so that the expertise was carried out by members of the Argentine National Gendarmerie (GNA).

The gendarmes kidnapped the police’s regulatory weapon as well as a revolver found next to the body of the assailant, in which they found two shotguns and tried to determine if he tried to shoot the officer or if they corresponded to an earlier event.

Also, the prosecutor awaited the result of the survey of ballistic traces and the autopsy on the body of the dead thief to determine the procedural situation of the police, who for the time being was free and must declare in court in the next few hours, the informants added .

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